Never Too Old For Halloween Fun!

 2014-10-24 16.05.05Is it still cool to go visit a Pumpkin Patch when you’re 53 and your “little” girl is going to be 18 in about two weeks?

2014-10-24 15.51.39

Well, I’m not sure if it’s still cool or not, but not only did we have a blast at the pumpkin patch, we had a blast carving the pumpkins too!

2014-10-24 16.01.45

My daughter and her boyfriend did their versions of “Mike” from Monsters, Inc. and a spooky cat. I was accused of using a stencil for mine, but I kinda had to because I carved my pumpkin in honor of the DB Blog officially receiving its custom logo. My son, who is a graphic design major at ASU, designed it for me! It’s an Edelweiss, which is the national flower of Austria! How perfect is that? A few little boo-boo’s, but not bad for the first try. We are still tweaking the logo a bit, but at least the blog is starting to have it’s own look and feel. I’m so happy with the progress.

Mwah ha ha ha ha!

The Baroness


2 thoughts on “Never Too Old For Halloween Fun!

  1. Hi. After seeing your Pancettta, Bacon, and apple stuffing recipe, I planned to try it this Thanksgiving. The ingredients list calls for 2 cups of Chicken Broth, but the directions don’t say when it is to be added. Please advise.

    • I apologize for the error. Add the chicken broth at the end, after adding all other ingredients. Mix well and then spoon into a baking dish and bake according to directions. Enjoy!

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