Carefree Farmer’s Market Day

Today, I decided to head up to this cute little town just a few minutes north of Cave Creek, Arizona to check out the Farmer’s Market that is held there every Friday morning until 1:00 p.m.   I was excited to head up to see what vendors were there and what type of local produce might be available for purchase. 79 degrees, nice breeze blowing, good day to be in Arizona.

So I drive on up through Cave Creek and get to Carefree.  The market is at the Sundial area, so I keep driving and find the booths.  Vendors there included: Pickle Relish Man, Colored Pasta Woman, Grain Raised Beef Man, Organic Honey Man, Polish Food Man, Gluten Free Man, Hot Sauce Man, Vinegar Man, lots of cool stuff!    Unfortunately there was only one vendor selling locally grown produce.

There is a larger Farmer’s Market in Glendale that I will check out soon.

Maybe I need to plant my own garden…hmmm.


The Baroness

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