Steve Jobs Started in his Garage. I’m Starting in my Closet!

Starting The Desert Baroness blog is something  that I’ve wanted to do and have dreamed about for a long time. Luckily, I’m at the point in my life now where I can pursue my dreams.  So why am I talking about Steve Jobs on a food blog?  Well…read on …

Back in 1987 I was living in the Silicon Valley and working for 3Com in Santa Clara for the big wigs of the company.  Man, did I get to meet a lot of influential people! One of those influential people was Steve Jobs.   Even back then, Steve Jobs (although not a chef – lol), made a huge impression on me.   He  will always be that person in my mind when I think about people who started from humble beginnings and made it to absolute greatness.

As I reflect on the “little things” I’m doing right now to start my blog, I remember those days back in 1987.  I tell myself that if Steve Jobs did it, then I can do it!  He had a dream and started Apple in his garage. I have a dream and I’m starting The Desert Baroness from a desk that was built in my son’s bedroom closet.

No, I won’t be the Steve Jobs of food blogs, but I am going to follow my dreams.

The Baroness


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